The various components of our therapy for lawyers program demand a high level of commitment and also physical energy to show up in a consistently conscious, grounded manner. The prioritization of self-care is an inextricable part of our ability to undergo change and transformation. For this reason, our therapy for lawyers program also takes time to help attorneys prioritize their self-care and identify and implement goals and objectives that will help them show up in an optimal fashion for their moment to moment experience. We will consider sleep hygiene, as well as diet and exercise as vital components of one’s journey toward transformation. We will explore the practical realities of the attorney’s every day life to delineate ways of structuring time that prioritize this degree of self-care. Often, this process requires clarification of overarching values. When our values are more clearly identified, we are then in a position to evaluate the extent to which our regular behaviors are actually in alignment with our higher values. This alignment is often a major determinant of one’s overall “happiness.”

Once concrete behaviors are identified, we work with you to implement these behaviors on a consistent basis. To the extent that obstacles arise that prevent the attorney from implementing the desired behaviors, we examine these obstacles in ways that help the attorney reduce friction and increase the likelihood that the desired behaviors can be implemented on a more habitual basis.